Mobile Photo Awards 2012 Winners Site

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Hello and welcome to the 2012 Mobile Photo Awards winners site!

Congratulations to all of the worthy winners, runners up and honorable mentions.  You guys are all incredible and did a fantastic job! Thank you for making the Mobile Photo Awards the world’s biggest competition for mobile photography and art!

The competition was a huge success this year with a record number of entries – the quality was extremely high and the jury worked long and hard to determine a slate of winners and runners up.  We hope you enjoy browsing the many amazing images we have on display for you.

To navigate the various categories on your desktop look to the right sidebar or to the drop down menu on the top right navi bar.  On a mobile, the categories will appear toward the bottom of your screen.  You may also click MPA Winners on the top navi bar to be whisked off to a scroll down of every category.

To see the artist name on your desktop simply scroll over an image and it will pop-up.  You may click any thumbnail to enter fullscreen mode and then click the arrows to move the carousel from image to image.  On a mobile, you may tap a thumbnail once to see the artist name and twice to enter fullscreen mode where you may swipe your way through the carousel of images.

MPA Photographer of the Year: Sarah Jarrett

MPA/Arthaus Photo Essay Winner: Melissa Vincent